Damon Albarn + Alan Moore = John Dee

Rather exciting to find that the ever interesting Messrs. Albarn and Moore are working on an opera based on the life and times of John Dee, the famed Elizabethan polymath. Scant news on the project so far, but definitely one we'll be keeping an ear out for....



Gonzales - Never Stop

Our favourite Entertainist Chilly's back to put the ants in your pants with ace new single 'Never Stop': 



Please check out Elise Laker's photo-stream on Flickr HERE.
She's in Kyrgyzstan and has been taking some excellent photos of the upheaval there. 


Dodgem Logic

If you like your magazines 'agressively random' then be sure to hunt out a copy of Alan Moore's superb new magazine 'Dodgem Logic', which we have stumbled across much to our unexpected delight. Issue 1 is in a hen's teeth state of availability, but Issue 2 should be out there for you if you can find it before someone else does.



Blue On Blue

Gorgeous new sounds from ex Bird In An Airpump Dee and friends. Utterly different from her previous outfit, charm and mystery abound in their end of innocence jangle.