Five Nights Of Replicant Dreams

we had the pleasure of infiltrating peoples ears at this.
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It bought us together with a grand purveyour of odd, cosmic and space disco.. Mystic Rock.
open your ears to his mixes here

rounded off with a bit of the best dirty bass from our friend Hannah Holland.

Deadbots - 'Much Better - Arveene & Misk Microdot Mix'

Just been put the way of this excellent slab of wonky acid, courtesy of those lovely chaps Arveene & Misk. For those who don't know, A&M are behind some amazing mixes - we're always playing and being asked about their version of Felix Da Housecat's 'Kick Drum', which is just a beast of a mix! Anyway, the Deadbots mix - Listen to & **BUY IT** here .

Fuckin' Nora! Ouch! Retinas Destroyed!

Look into my eyes.....deep into my do EXACTLY what I tell you.....


Yes! Following the success and mighty fun of our all day terrace party at this year's Dot To Dot festival, we'll be bringing you another evening and night of musical delights. And possibly some fantastic secret guests.'ll have to turn up to find out....

Facebook Event Here

Peeper Puncturing Poster :

Fabled Nanoparticle Orchestrates Revealing Ditties

Having failed to end the universe (apparently by sabotaging itself from the future, like some kind of sub-atomic Marty McFly, preventing itself from working and thus destroying everything from jelly beans to Jupiter) the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland has basically been turned into the world's biggest synthesizer.

Possibly mistaking the fundamental building blocks of existence for tiny ice-cream vans, scientists chasing the elusive Higgs-Boson particle have converted data collected at CERN into sound and synthesized the little tunes they expect to be knocked out by various quanta produced in the atom-smasher. The idea is that if and when the elusive 'God Particle' appears, they'll be able to identify it by the soundscape generated by it's energy pattern.

Listen to the mellifluous tinkles of tiny (and possibly not even real) things Here.

Freestyle Nerds Offer Rapped Discourses

Want more astrophysics and cosmology in your lounge-core R'nB ?
Then have a look at the Symphony Of Science website, wherein can be found a selection of smooth jams laid down by heavily vocodered men of science, including Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins among many others.

Fishy Noises: Oscillations Reveal Dolphin-speak

Yeah, OK, a Dolphin's a mammal...whatever....

 Cymatics. It's amazing. We have just leaned that it's been adapted and used to make pictures of Dolphin noises, raising the possibility we'll be able to communicate with them just in time for us to decipher their first message as meaning: "so long and thanks for all the fish". Or possibly " Ere, Mate...Mate! got any Dubstep?" .

All you need to know about shooting the breeze with a bottlenose can be found Here...

" clikclikclik clikclik clikclikclikclik"

Rainbow - Bearded Plant Girl Points At Crockery FTW

We're just about done reattaching the jaws that fell off when we clapped eyes on the picture we'd asked artist Marie Harimoto to draw for speaks a thousand words, all of them unintelligible.....

Connan Mockasin Album Launch!

Join us unicorns in uniform as we hang choade and fake jazz together like a right pair of snats for Connan Mockasin's album launch party! No tickets, no guestlist, just make sure you're there for 10pm!

Macca Memory Meltdown.....

'I can't remember most of my songs', says McCartney 

Good old Sir Paul - it's probably for the best as it reduces the chances of having Ob - La - Di, Ob - La - Da flung our way again.

Bet he doesn't have a problem banging out the Frog Chorus from time to time though.....