Serious Hassle (Hoff).

I really hope my mid life crisis is this exciting and surreal.
Yes, it's The Hoff, and he's hooked on a feeling. And by the looks of things, that feeling is called crack.

Yuck Album Announced

Yuck have announced details of their debut album, called, er...'Yuck', (cover artwork below).  Due In February on Fat Possum and Pharmacy records, stay tuned for streams in the near future. Which is a good enough excuse to re-post the 'interview' we conducted with the band earlier in the year, in which they hold forth on nuns, aliens & pop music, male pregnancy and the apocalypse. Yum.

New Duke Spirit Download

The Duke Spirit have a new E.P coming out, 'Kusama', and you can download a track from it here, on their website, by simply giving them an email address. They tend to be one of those bands that people have heard of but not heard, and this, frankly, has to change. You have ears, they make music. Simple.
Liela Moss has one of the best voices, the whole band is shit-hot in a deceptively unassuming way, and we can thouroughly recommend either of their previous albums, 'Cuts Across The Land' and 'Neptune'. Oh, and go and see them live at some point - they sound like this, only louder, and it's great:

Malachai - Rainbows

Get over to the Domino website and give 'em your email. In return you'll get to download this gorgeous, looped psychedelia from West Country folk Malachai, which we like very much, and makes us look forward to the album that's due to arrive in February. Click here to sign up.

Malachai - Rainbows by DominoRecordCo

Hot Horizons 'October' now on sale at Rough Trade!

Yes, the debut 7" single from Hot Horizons, 'October / Spoken', is now exclusively available to buy in the real world at Rough Trade record store in London. You can also order it from them online here.

  Hot Horizons - October by Zarcorp Inc.

Hannah Holland - Paris's Acid Ball

BATTY BASS IN THE PLACE! Superb video for a superb slab of acid from Hannah Holland:

It gets released on November 14th, so put a couple of quid in your rave savings and make sure you pick it up.

The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years

Great photos of a gorgeously freaky crowd (and some thin men pushing buttons) from our Halloween night set at Neon Noise Project /w JAC le Disco, Logo & Digitalism by Bear + Mouse HERE & HERE:

Back Of The Net!


FNORD do not endorse urine based antipodean lagers.

Tame Impala 'Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)'

Australian psyche rockers get all stretched out and Krautified by the genius that is Pilooski. Yes please!
  Tame Impala - Lucidity (Pilooski Remix) by Hypetrak

Don't Fear The Reaper

You're a pissed off member of the crew on grippingly realistic, no holds barred, and newly cancelled Yorkshire based retro crime drama and pensioner sponge 'Heartbeat' - so how to make sure it really goes down as a TV classic, one of the great last episodes ever? And how to achieve that while simultaneously giving your job cut addicted boss the finger and possibly 'cancelling' a sizeable chunk of your elderly audience too?

Yup, this got broadcast and ITV went into a fit, demanding those responsible be sacked. Unfortunately they already had been in the very round of job cuts the stunt was staged in protest at.

Sauce with your irony? No, thanks, it's perfectly delicious as is.....

FNORD heart Todd Hart you heart Todd Hart two?

This bi-weeks oddity unmixedtape fix courtesy of Todd Hart of Dalston Oxfam Shop.
If you're not familiar with his blog already.. shame on you.


Undercover Beatnik Win

It took a lot to out-funny Groucho 'I intend to live forever, or die trying' Marx, but here's unlikely hipster Lord Buckley doing just that. Enjoy repeatedly.

Dollop launches @ Heaven!

Heads up on a great event coming up in the capital - Nottingham's prodigal sons Dollop are launching a regular night at London's legendary Heaven venue.

Opening night features live music from The Invisible and Walls, and DJ sets from Untold, Falty DL and Work it as well as the Dollop DJ's themselves.

Advance tickets are on sale now here, and only £4 until wednesday 13/10/10:

Facebook event is here:

The Invisible's specially commissioned mixtape is available here to whet your ears and set your toes tapping in preparation!

Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra Album on DFA


The best thing DFA have put out all year is getting released on Monday (12/10/10), and having given it a listen we seriously urge you to purchase it. Seriously. For the sake of your own continued happiness. Give these people your money, put the record on and then notice how much better your day is going. Thankyou. That is all.


I've been waking up to this every morning since it landed in my life courtesy of Todd Hart.

Mission Tapes & Memory Control

As we're plunged into the eternal british winter, australia starts warming up.
and according to the last few posts.. so do their bands.

here's an introduction to a band i've known for a while... we're releasing a 7" of them next year.. currently being mixed by the great finger-wizard Zdar.

Tame Impala - Lucidity

Gravity is an awesome cameraman:


It's that time of the year..

It's time to introduce some of you to our label,

We'll be launching it "officially" this winter along with a few other projects and secret club nights.
Here're some upcoming and previous releases to wet your ears:

More noises here

Next release is the debut single from our friends Hot Horizons.
We're pressing 250 of these on white vinyl, to be released (you guessed it..)

the first to be precise.

A side - October was self-recorded and produced in their bedroom
Z side - Spoken was recorded by our own Sam Dust at ZARCORP HQ

Peel your ears for more information.
Lend them your ears here.


FNORDs first adventure into the visual.

You Suck at Photoshop

name says it all.

Fortnightly New Oddcasts = Refreshingly Diverse

we've finally started releasing our Oddcasts..

short mixtapes of the wierd and wonderous compiled by ourselves and those we love.

you'll find them fortnightly here..

El Guincho - Bombay

See, if you're going to fall into the old 'girls with guns' trap, this is the way to do it:


EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

In Space, No-one Can Hear Ice Cream...

A guide to space themed snacks & sweets by the ultimate star-man Patrick Moore:

We've been planning this too long

Late Of The Pier - Best in the Class (Soulwax Remix)

brand new interpretations of our last single.

audio perversion by Soulwax
video perversion by Daniel Brereton.

Dan did our videos for Focker and Bathroom Gurgle and he's just unleashed this on us.
you can find the magician here..

original video for Best in the Class was directed by Late Of The Pier sampler-basher Sam Potter..
he's also looking for more videos to make (!)

contact him at..

Arveene & Misk - New E.P and FREE EXCLUSIVE Felix Da Housecat Remix!

Ok, here's a treat for you! Dublin's Arveene & Misk , remixers of rising repute & thoroughly nice chaps, have just released their new E.P 'Eavesdropper' on Banggang 12 Inches, and it should be checked out, by you, now!

Arveene & MiSK EAVESDROPPER promo video from Philip Byrne on Vimeo.

We're big fans of these guy's music - we mentioned their awesome acid rework of deadbots here a while back, and now they've generously given us - an exclusive, unrealeased, extra dirty version of their Felix Da Housecat remix to download! 


freestyle ninjas on rap down-low

we've been quiet.
here's something to make it up..

you'll never sneeze the same again.

Five Nights Of Replicant Dreams

we had the pleasure of infiltrating peoples ears at this.
find out more here

It bought us together with a grand purveyour of odd, cosmic and space disco.. Mystic Rock.
open your ears to his mixes here

rounded off with a bit of the best dirty bass from our friend Hannah Holland.

Deadbots - 'Much Better - Arveene & Misk Microdot Mix'

Just been put the way of this excellent slab of wonky acid, courtesy of those lovely chaps Arveene & Misk. For those who don't know, A&M are behind some amazing mixes - we're always playing and being asked about their version of Felix Da Housecat's 'Kick Drum', which is just a beast of a mix! Anyway, the Deadbots mix - Listen to & **BUY IT** here .

Fuckin' Nora! Ouch! Retinas Destroyed!

Look into my eyes.....deep into my do EXACTLY what I tell you.....


Yes! Following the success and mighty fun of our all day terrace party at this year's Dot To Dot festival, we'll be bringing you another evening and night of musical delights. And possibly some fantastic secret guests.'ll have to turn up to find out....

Facebook Event Here

Peeper Puncturing Poster :

Fabled Nanoparticle Orchestrates Revealing Ditties

Having failed to end the universe (apparently by sabotaging itself from the future, like some kind of sub-atomic Marty McFly, preventing itself from working and thus destroying everything from jelly beans to Jupiter) the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland has basically been turned into the world's biggest synthesizer.

Possibly mistaking the fundamental building blocks of existence for tiny ice-cream vans, scientists chasing the elusive Higgs-Boson particle have converted data collected at CERN into sound and synthesized the little tunes they expect to be knocked out by various quanta produced in the atom-smasher. The idea is that if and when the elusive 'God Particle' appears, they'll be able to identify it by the soundscape generated by it's energy pattern.

Listen to the mellifluous tinkles of tiny (and possibly not even real) things Here.

Freestyle Nerds Offer Rapped Discourses

Want more astrophysics and cosmology in your lounge-core R'nB ?
Then have a look at the Symphony Of Science website, wherein can be found a selection of smooth jams laid down by heavily vocodered men of science, including Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins among many others.

Fishy Noises: Oscillations Reveal Dolphin-speak

Yeah, OK, a Dolphin's a mammal...whatever....

 Cymatics. It's amazing. We have just leaned that it's been adapted and used to make pictures of Dolphin noises, raising the possibility we'll be able to communicate with them just in time for us to decipher their first message as meaning: "so long and thanks for all the fish". Or possibly " Ere, Mate...Mate! got any Dubstep?" .

All you need to know about shooting the breeze with a bottlenose can be found Here...

" clikclikclik clikclik clikclikclikclik"

Rainbow - Bearded Plant Girl Points At Crockery FTW

We're just about done reattaching the jaws that fell off when we clapped eyes on the picture we'd asked artist Marie Harimoto to draw for speaks a thousand words, all of them unintelligible.....

Connan Mockasin Album Launch!

Join us unicorns in uniform as we hang choade and fake jazz together like a right pair of snats for Connan Mockasin's album launch party! No tickets, no guestlist, just make sure you're there for 10pm!

Macca Memory Meltdown.....

'I can't remember most of my songs', says McCartney 

Good old Sir Paul - it's probably for the best as it reduces the chances of having Ob - La - Di, Ob - La - Da flung our way again.

Bet he doesn't have a problem banging out the Frog Chorus from time to time though.....


Oh The Trees, Those Useless Trees

What do you do when you're Jarvis Cocker, you've fronted one of the country's most loved and successful bands and fostered a quietly impressive solo catalogue?

You walk around some National Trust properties with a microphone and then stick it out as an album. THE album. Of the fucking millenium. For Free.




<--- Have a look on the left and you'll see our video interview with Yuck, wherein they hold forth on everything from nuns to male pregnancy via alien pop and armageddon. Be sure to click the link above and visit their site, from which you can download several songs, including this little nugget:

<a href="">Suicide Policeman by Yuck</a>


Probably one of the most important websites we've come across this year.. Ubuweb is dedicated to preserving out of print audio/video poetry and art, and having it all freely accessible to anyone anywhere.


Dutch Uncles 'The Ink' - Egyptian Hip Hop Mix

Great remix from one of our favourite acts... EHH turn fellow Mancs Dutch Uncles inside out to deliver a right broody little bugger of a remix. Good stuff!

Dutch Uncles - 'The Ink' (Egyptian Hip Hop Remix) 


Century Of The Self

Part 1

One of the best documentaries we've seen, a few years old but a real treat! Parts 2 - 4 are also up on google video - watch the whole series, it'll (un) bend your mind!


Damon Albarn + Alan Moore = John Dee

Rather exciting to find that the ever interesting Messrs. Albarn and Moore are working on an opera based on the life and times of John Dee, the famed Elizabethan polymath. Scant news on the project so far, but definitely one we'll be keeping an ear out for....


Gonzales - Never Stop

Our favourite Entertainist Chilly's back to put the ants in your pants with ace new single 'Never Stop': 



Please check out Elise Laker's photo-stream on Flickr HERE.
She's in Kyrgyzstan and has been taking some excellent photos of the upheaval there. 


Dodgem Logic

If you like your magazines 'agressively random' then be sure to hunt out a copy of Alan Moore's superb new magazine 'Dodgem Logic', which we have stumbled across much to our unexpected delight. Issue 1 is in a hen's teeth state of availability, but Issue 2 should be out there for you if you can find it before someone else does.


Blue On Blue

Gorgeous new sounds from ex Bird In An Airpump Dee and friends. Utterly different from her previous outfit, charm and mystery abound in their end of innocence jangle.