Oh The Trees, Those Useless Trees

What do you do when you're Jarvis Cocker, you've fronted one of the country's most loved and successful bands and fostered a quietly impressive solo catalogue?

You walk around some National Trust properties with a microphone and then stick it out as an album. THE album. Of the fucking millenium. For Free.




<--- Have a look on the left and you'll see our video interview with Yuck, wherein they hold forth on everything from nuns to male pregnancy via alien pop and armageddon. Be sure to click the link above and visit their site, from which you can download several songs, including this little nugget:

<a href="http://yuck.bandcamp.com/track/suicide-policeman">Suicide Policeman by Yuck</a>


Probably one of the most important websites we've come across this year.. Ubuweb is dedicated to preserving out of print audio/video poetry and art, and having it all freely accessible to anyone anywhere.



Dutch Uncles 'The Ink' - Egyptian Hip Hop Mix

Great remix from one of our favourite acts... EHH turn fellow Mancs Dutch Uncles inside out to deliver a right broody little bugger of a remix. Good stuff!

Dutch Uncles - 'The Ink' (Egyptian Hip Hop Remix) 


Century Of The Self

Part 1

One of the best documentaries we've seen, a few years old but a real treat! Parts 2 - 4 are also up on google video - watch the whole series, it'll (un) bend your mind!