New Duke Spirit Download

The Duke Spirit have a new E.P coming out, 'Kusama', and you can download a track from it here, on their website, by simply giving them an email address. They tend to be one of those bands that people have heard of but not heard, and this, frankly, has to change. You have ears, they make music. Simple.
Liela Moss has one of the best voices, the whole band is shit-hot in a deceptively unassuming way, and we can thouroughly recommend either of their previous albums, 'Cuts Across The Land' and 'Neptune'. Oh, and go and see them live at some point - they sound like this, only louder, and it's great:

Malachai - Rainbows

Get over to the Domino website and give 'em your email. In return you'll get to download this gorgeous, looped psychedelia from West Country folk Malachai, which we like very much, and makes us look forward to the album that's due to arrive in February. Click here to sign up.

Malachai - Rainbows by DominoRecordCo

Hot Horizons 'October' now on sale at Rough Trade!

Yes, the debut 7" single from Hot Horizons, 'October / Spoken', is now exclusively available to buy in the real world at Rough Trade record store in London. You can also order it from them online here.

  Hot Horizons - October by Zarcorp Inc.

Hannah Holland - Paris's Acid Ball

BATTY BASS IN THE PLACE! Superb video for a superb slab of acid from Hannah Holland:

It gets released on November 14th, so put a couple of quid in your rave savings and make sure you pick it up.

The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years

Great photos of a gorgeously freaky crowd (and some thin men pushing buttons) from our Halloween night set at Neon Noise Project /w JAC le Disco, Logo & Digitalism by Bear + Mouse HERE & HERE:

Back Of The Net!


FNORD do not endorse urine based antipodean lagers.

Tame Impala 'Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)'

Australian psyche rockers get all stretched out and Krautified by the genius that is Pilooski. Yes please!
  Tame Impala - Lucidity (Pilooski Remix) by Hypetrak