Don't Fear The Reaper

You're a pissed off member of the crew on grippingly realistic, no holds barred, and newly cancelled Yorkshire based retro crime drama and pensioner sponge 'Heartbeat' - so how to make sure it really goes down as a TV classic, one of the great last episodes ever? And how to achieve that while simultaneously giving your job cut addicted boss the finger and possibly 'cancelling' a sizeable chunk of your elderly audience too?

Yup, this got broadcast and ITV went into a fit, demanding those responsible be sacked. Unfortunately they already had been in the very round of job cuts the stunt was staged in protest at.

Sauce with your irony? No, thanks, it's perfectly delicious as is.....

FNORD heart Todd Hart you heart Todd Hart two?

This bi-weeks oddity unmixedtape fix courtesy of Todd Hart of Dalston Oxfam Shop.
If you're not familiar with his blog already.. shame on you.


Undercover Beatnik Win

It took a lot to out-funny Groucho 'I intend to live forever, or die trying' Marx, but here's unlikely hipster Lord Buckley doing just that. Enjoy repeatedly.

Dollop launches @ Heaven!

Heads up on a great event coming up in the capital - Nottingham's prodigal sons Dollop are launching a regular night at London's legendary Heaven venue.

Opening night features live music from The Invisible and Walls, and DJ sets from Untold, Falty DL and Work it as well as the Dollop DJ's themselves.

Advance tickets are on sale now here, and only £4 until wednesday 13/10/10:

Facebook event is here:

The Invisible's specially commissioned mixtape is available here to whet your ears and set your toes tapping in preparation!

Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra Album on DFA


The best thing DFA have put out all year is getting released on Monday (12/10/10), and having given it a listen we seriously urge you to purchase it. Seriously. For the sake of your own continued happiness. Give these people your money, put the record on and then notice how much better your day is going. Thankyou. That is all.


I've been waking up to this every morning since it landed in my life courtesy of Todd Hart.

Mission Tapes & Memory Control

As we're plunged into the eternal british winter, australia starts warming up.
and according to the last few posts.. so do their bands.

here's an introduction to a band i've known for a while... we're releasing a 7" of them next year.. currently being mixed by the great finger-wizard Zdar.

Tame Impala - Lucidity

Gravity is an awesome cameraman:


It's that time of the year..

It's time to introduce some of you to our label,

We'll be launching it "officially" this winter along with a few other projects and secret club nights.
Here're some upcoming and previous releases to wet your ears:

More noises here

Next release is the debut single from our friends Hot Horizons.
We're pressing 250 of these on white vinyl, to be released (you guessed it..)

the first to be precise.

A side - October was self-recorded and produced in their bedroom
Z side - Spoken was recorded by our own Sam Dust at ZARCORP HQ

Peel your ears for more information.
Lend them your ears here.


FNORDs first adventure into the visual.

You Suck at Photoshop

name says it all.

Fortnightly New Oddcasts = Refreshingly Diverse

we've finally started releasing our Oddcasts..

short mixtapes of the wierd and wonderous compiled by ourselves and those we love.

you'll find them fortnightly here..

El Guincho - Bombay

See, if you're going to fall into the old 'girls with guns' trap, this is the way to do it:


EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.