Fabled Nanoparticle Orchestrates Revealing Ditties

Having failed to end the universe (apparently by sabotaging itself from the future, like some kind of sub-atomic Marty McFly, preventing itself from working and thus destroying everything from jelly beans to Jupiter) the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland has basically been turned into the world's biggest synthesizer.

Possibly mistaking the fundamental building blocks of existence for tiny ice-cream vans, scientists chasing the elusive Higgs-Boson particle have converted data collected at CERN into sound and synthesized the little tunes they expect to be knocked out by various quanta produced in the atom-smasher. The idea is that if and when the elusive 'God Particle' appears, they'll be able to identify it by the soundscape generated by it's energy pattern.

Listen to the mellifluous tinkles of tiny (and possibly not even real) things Here.