Siriusmo - Feromonikon / Signal

Having made what was easily our favourite electronic tune of 2010, the magnificent 'Einmal In Der Woche Schreien', Siriusmo greets 2011 with a hypnotic electro club track that keeps threatening to go all spacey, but never really does, instead finding itself falling repeatedly through the filters and bleeps that one might hear if R2D2 discovered a vocoder and a drumbox and used them to try and get a contract with Ed Bangers and Kitsune at once. The AA side 'Signal' is like the theme from an 80's BBC Schools programme - albeit one about some mad unit of disco soldiers who do like a nice march now and then but often find it too rigid, preferring to just chill out to some lounge house. Out now on Monkeytown.

  Siriusmo - Feromonikon by thesubs-blog